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  • Pizza in Naples

    Hello all,

    I'm back from Naples -- what a great experience. I am going to break
    the things I learned into separate messages, that I will post both
    here and on the FB.com/forum. There are so many useful things, it's
    going to take a while to get it all down in writing.

    Here are a couple of highlights:

    1. There are 1500 wood fired pizzerias in Naples -- I took photos of
    about 15 of them and have posted them on this page (click forward to
    see the rest of them). More to come on oven size, shape and
    construction technique. I also captured a number of pizzaiolos in the
    photos. Pretty fun. Robert -- check out the mosaic exteriors.


    2. I met the founder of Vera Pizza Napoletana.org and the head of
    Pizza Consulting.it, the pizzaiolo training school. These guys are
    passionate -- and committed to 60 second pizzas. Anything longer than
    that, they say, and the dough dries out too much. More to come on
    cooking classes.

    3. Met Molino Caputo, and had a great pizza with Atimo, the
    third-generation head of the mill. Caputo has a large % of the
    pizzerias in Naples and 8 of Peter Reinhart's top 12 pizzerias in the
    world as customers. More to come on their flour, and a plan for
    making it easier to find. I got to ride to the mill from the center
    of Naples on the back of a motorcycle -- Disneyland couldn't come up
    with a ride like that.

    4. We stayed at a Buffalo farm and I took photos of the mozzarella
    production process. The kids liked that part.


    5. We made it back to Pompeii, and I found a residential brick oven
    -- looks like something we would build today. I also took pictures of
    the drinks bars that were in the neighborhood with the brick ovens.
    Very nice.


    I also found a wood-fired pizzeria right at the back entry into the
    excavations. It looks like they just took it out of the old city.

    6. I found a dealer for the Colle val d'Elsa oven that we have been
    looking at for design ideas. The ovens are made in Bari. I have a
    couple of new photos, including a better view of the grill on the
    side (go to the bottom of the page):


    7. I met a 6th generation pizzaiolo. His father is retired and makes
    pizza ovens for his neighbors. He made the best pizza we had the
    whole time.

    I will add details to the parts that are helpful to the group for
    cooking and installation.

    William -- I got your email right before I left. Thanks!


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    1485 more and you can come home. Nice stuff though.



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      Great posting Jim !


      Let me know if you will work more on the way to get Caputo flour to California.


      Bufala...eh ehe e....I will write in private about them but would be nice to see Mozzarellas* to be produced properly in USA at reasonable prices. There could be a large market for real mozzarellas overthere .

      California is a great land for wines, lot of people from Napa came to Italy many many years ago to take the knwoledge and trees and they do a wonderful wine there, some wines are even better than the italian original PRIMITIVO wine.

      So why not mozzarellas ? Come on guys, there must be someone who would like to learn and produce in USA real mozzarellas.


      Another thing, James, what about the round floors for oven ? Don't you have them available 120cm size, (I should*need one this summer*)?



      Wally Cista