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Garden house with oven and grill

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  • Garden house with oven and grill

    Hi folks,

    Here in ireland we have a lot of wet weather, so I've had the notion to build a pompeii oven but to house it. Then that grew to a house that had a seating area and that went further to a garden office style kitchen or bake house.
    I've seen a few of these on the forums but I'd be really interested if anyone had examples off the forums (or even on the forums I could have missed).

    I will make it myself but I'm thinking something like this
    Prima Noella Garden Summerhouse from Lugarde I like the way the front can be closed or open. I would also like this style opening on one of the sides as well as the front.

    Maybe next year I would like to put nice decking or patio area to the front and side. During summer I expect the doors would stay open and during winter I guess they would stay closed. I'd like to use the area to do some study or just chillin.

    Also I wanted an outdoor kitchen with a smoker and BBQ area. The smoker I can put inside also, but I'm not sure about having an open bbq/fire in the house. I've no experience of that.

    The other thing is I am planning a 36" to keep costs down but I'm in two minds about putting the whole thing in the house which will protect the oven and maybe help warm up the house in winter, or only putting the oven outside as is more tradition in a brick house.

    Still thinking it all through but I've gotten hold of some handmade clay bricks so the oven plans are there in my mind... the house... not so much, but I want to be sure before I lay foundations so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Garden house with oven and grill

    I love it! Would like to see some pictures of your project as it proceeds. If you keep the doors open you might be safe. The smoker and or oven will consume a LOT of air, if you close the house up you might risk asphyxiation. Or smoke inhalation. However of you are using the oven or other wood fired device you might appreciate the ventilation.
    Looks like a fantastic spot for entertaining friends.


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      Re: Garden house with oven and grill

      I would be inclined to attach the oven to the back or side of the structure and have access to the oven from inside the room. Putting the whole oven inside the room would leave you little space to sit or anything else, You must also remember the tools are long and you do not want to poke someone in the head when they are sitting nearby.



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        You're a dreamer......Dream on!

        The more planning (dreaming) you do now, the better it will turn out. With a multipurpose room, chipster's comments are spot on. Put the oven outside and run a ridge line with a gable from the mainhouse for the roof over the oven.
        Lee B.
        DFW area, Texas, USA

        If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.

        I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.