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  • Hi from Kauai

    Hi all. Thanks for taking the time to post all this info. What an amazing repository. Our plan is to add a pizza oven as part of a limited outdoor kitchen as part of a pool project. Plans are heading for the planning dept tmw on the pool so I'm getting my own plans in order for the oven. Targeting 36 inch ID with 18 inch dome. I suspect we'll roast as much as we make pizza.

    Biggest problem here is sourcing everything. No brick, no chimney pieces, no fire clay, hard to find perlite at a reasonable price etc. Shipping things in is expensive, but we're used to that. So I'm thinking, we'll ship in fire brick from LA (Castaic has a dealer out here), the high tech insulation from FB or other sources (both underfloor and 4-5 inches of wrap), the chimney pieces from a supplier that has all SS units (very close to the ocean so rust is a big issue). At least we can get hollow tile in various sizes and shapes from Home Depot. Luckily, I already own a cement mixer, angle grinder, crappy orange chop saw that can be sacrificed (miters with a slide for longer cuts) and I don't mind getting dirty anymore.

    Can't really get started until the pool is dug and the decking poured so for now but still lurking and learning. The local Italian club is fired up for a pizza party by the pool and bocce court!

    Pix to follow once there's more than sketches on paper.