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Small WFO question

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  • Small WFO question

    Hi from Christchurch, New Zealand.
    Been reading up ahead of a planned build (despite the clean air rules effectively banning the use of heaters/cookers that burn solid fuel) but need some guidance from the good folks on the forum.

    I've only got a small space (1m by 1m roughly 40in by 40in) to lay my slab.
    Given that size of slab am I even going to be able to build a useful sized oven? Not looking to cook roasts or multiple pizzas at once etc, just need to be able to do single pizzas but my rough calculation regarding size don't fill me with hope.

    Has anyone out there experimented with, or built a small oven and can share their experience?

    I'm hoping I'm not the only one out there with limited space.


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    Re: Small WFO question

    My oven sits on a 910 x910 mm supporting slab has a very shallow entry and is 540mm internal diam. It is large enough to cook for a crowd of up to 30 easily and have done parties up to 80. Can cook 30/ hr. we also do roasts and bread for the family.
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      Re: Small WFO question

      Thanks both - gives me options to follow up and work on.
      Bought my concrete blocks already so the project is definitely going to happen.