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  • Mobile WFO Help Needed

    Greetings All!

    I have been scouring the FB forums for a few years w/limited posts. I have been looking to expand my pizza catering operation with a larger more mobile oven. I currently have a Bull BBQ pizza oven that I modified with additional fire brick and had a sturdy stand locally fabricated for it as well. The issue is my oven temp range is 500-600F and can only cook 1-2 pies at a time. It is very labor intensive & hot to move around.

    I have been in contact w/ The Fire Within for the last few years & I love their design but the price is out of my range. I have a local trailer manufacturer in my area & they can fabricate the same style of trailer for me.

    1. What style of FB precast oven works best for a mobile application?

    2. How do I attach the oven to the trailer?

    I estimate that I can save 10K doing it this way which is why this is attractive to me. I figure that I should be able, with the help of a few local friends and all of the knowledgeable people here, to build the oven out myself but I lack the experience of attaching it and making it safe. I do have contacts that can weld and the trailer builder has experience but not in attaching ovens.

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    Re: Mobile WFO Help Needed

    If you want to use a FB pre cast then you would be better off asking them directly.
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      Re: Mobile WFO Help Needed

      These folks have been operating their mobile pizza oven for quite a while - and I believe they have a FB oven kit. I talked to the guy last year when he was here in Sac at a farmers market - I just don't recall the specifics.

      Wood Fired Pizza Company - Mobile Pizza Oven


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        Re: Mobile WFO Help Needed

        Thanks for the info guys!