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Happy Birthday, J-----

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  • Happy Birthday, J-----


    (AKA > jengineer AKA > Patrick)

    To one of the contributingist ? Forno Bravo party ipisaints we know.

    Ciao, Bambino!

    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, ...
    but no simpler!" (Albert Einstein)

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    Re: Happy Birthday, J-----

    Happy Birthday Patrick! I notice from your profile that you didn't give your age. Are there any zero's involved?

    Let us know what you have for dinner. You know, the important stuff.

    Buon compleanno.
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      Re: Happy Birthday, J-----

      my rant -

      For the past 20 years I have not worked on this solemn occasion. I either take a sick day or a vacation day depending on the balances. Well I have been usurped by the diaper dictator. Last month she was in the Dr. office and a follow-up was required. The schedule was for one month later. The wife being somewhat similar to me said hummm one month from now means 01 Mar 2007. I get home that night, one month ago and she informs me that I need to take the wee one to her appointment that day. I huff out geee couldn’t you make it for one day earlier as I will be taking that day off. Why would you being doing that?? As soon as she said it, it dawned. It must have slipped her mind. So I am here at work today and will be taking tomorrow off. She is trying to convince me that I like delayed gratification.

      In answer to the questions

      No zero’s this year but I am well on my way toward the goal of 112 but not at the half way point.

      No special dinner either - that is on delayed gratification. On Friday we are going to “Killer Shrimp”
      They serve 3 dishes although 2 are the same. Shrimp with shells and shrimp without shells. It is in a broth that is highly spiced. You are served a poor rendition (Yes I now compare all my bread to Master Jim) of french bread to soak up the sauce. The other dish is the same fare over spaghetti sauce (here is shrimp is peeled too). We actually start with an appetizer which in my house is the sweet potato pie with whip cream. Starting with desert has been a tradition that my dad, a sister, and I started one year when mom was out of town and we went out. I suggested we start with desert first as I knew we would be too stuffed at the end of the meal to get desert and this place in Denver had wonderful creations. It is now my tradition. The wee one is going to like this!
      thanks for the wishes.

      Now to call mom and wish her a Happy Birthday - after all she is the one who gave birth!


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        Re: Happy Birthday, J-----


        I'll save a special bd bread for you in May. Your choice. Would it be pain de mie? Good thing you're more ancient than I am. Makes me feel better.

        "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827