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New and can't wait :)

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  • New and can't wait :)

    Afternoon all, many years now the kids have been asking me to build a pizza oven in the garden..... I have been keeping an eye on some brick and managed to pick up some arched bricks to build a oblong oven, now reading the forum I may of been better just getting standard bricks and building a dome.... But to late now.

    I do have a couple of questions if you guys can help me out....

    I was looking to build the base out of railway sleepers and creat a platform cross members worth more sleepers. Would I need to put a concrete base on this then the oven or fire bricks straight onto the sleepers? How much heat is transferred from the bricks?

    This then brings me to the chamber itself, again would I be best to clad this with thermal wadding and then render over it ?

    I am sure there will be many more questions and I shall look around for the answers but thought I would also use this as my introduction.

    Currently the weather over here in not so sunny England is wet and cloudy, some would say a normal English summer but I have hopes to get this built and in use when the clear sunny day comes.... Just hope I don't miss it.


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    Re: New and can't wait

    Wood sleepers would be subject to more movement than a block base, although it would be strong enough to support the weight. If you built a substantial concrete slab and mounted the sleepers on threaded rod [cast in the slab] w/ nuts & washers to lock the unit as a 'one piece' assembly, that might serve. Yes, you can render over the thermal insulation. I used screen wire mesh 'cage' and filled the 4 inch void with pearlite and rendered over that - not as high efficiency as the ceramic blanket but more than adequate and much cheaper. Also, you will need a concrete base on top of the sleepers and an insulating layer underneath the cooking floor.
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      Re: New and can't wait

      Download the plans from the FB website. It will give you a great understanding of the basics. There is always wiggle room but it's a good start.
      Check out my pictures here:

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        Re: New and can't wait

        Right, made a start.....

        Ditched the sleeper idea and got some plans froma a guy on the net.

        Pictures here


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          Re: New and can't wait

          Nice looking vault-style oven. Looks like it will do the job!