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  • new to wood-fired cooking

    Hello, My name is Marco, and I live in Northern Colorado. I have been employed as a professional cook/chef for nearly 20 years, but my wood-fired cooking has been limited to campfire cooking. I am researching options for a backyard pizza oven and smoker & stumbled across Forno Bravo. I am also a homebrewer and look forward to adding wood-fired cooking to my culinary arsenal. I have yet to invest in an outdoor oven as I am only starting my journey into this world. I look forward to being a part of this community.

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    Re: new to wood-fired cooking

    Hello and welcome Marco. I think you will find that once you have one of these ovens that most recipes that you use come out better.....certainly not just for pizza....My flops have even been good! I'm not a brewer, but I have made a lot of wine when I lived in Chicago....Seems if you like food and drink enough, the wood oven is a natural progression.
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      Re: new to wood-fired cooking

      Hi Marco.. Welcome.. Let me know if you need a heads up for sourcing supplies.. Have a few written down.!
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        Re: new to wood-fired cooking

        So are your plans to buy or build?Either way you've found the right place to start your journey to wood fired nirvana.Good luck to you....have lotsa fun.