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  • from canada eh

    Hi everyone,

    just thought i would intruduce myself. My name is keith, i live in toronto and have been planning to build an oven for about 2 years now. I believe with the help of this forum, the time has come. As soon as winter i plan to start construction. I still have to do some reading as i find the information spread out but im sure its all there.

    If anyone lives in my area and would like to show off their oven before i start mine, it would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at keithlmartin@sympatico.ca

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    Re: from canada eh

    Welcome Keith!

    Jim from Mary G Artisan Breads is very active on this forum and is outside of Toronto. He has a barrel vault oven, so bakes mostly bread, but he is also a professional mason, so a great overall resource...

    Have fun!

    My Oven Thread:


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      Re: from canada eh

      hey drake
      thanks for the info and the welcome. I was able to speak with Jim via email and hopefully i will be able to see him this week, just waiting for another email from him.