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  • Japan Newbie!

    Hello all! I'm completely new to oven making and working with materials like concrete and brick haha! But I'm living in Japan in a small town that's famous for its ninja clan! There is a real lack of decent pizza places in my area and the options that are here charge an obscene amount for something similar to Dominos. We're talking about $25 - $30 for a large pizza! Not to mention that a Japanese large is an American medium!

    So I've taken it upon myself to learn to build my own wood-fired oven! I would love to cook pies for friends and family and really stick it to the man! I think it would be a fun project and something that would really improve my quality of life! I'm looking forward to talking with all of you!

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    Re: Japan Newbie!

    Welcome and you are in the right place.
    What type of oven did you have in mind?

    Texman Kitchen


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      Re: Japan Newbie!

      If you are in this to save money the payback curve may be quite long. But the value of eating pizza better than Dominos is more than worth the extra cost.

      Welcome, and looking forward to your build.


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        Re: Japan Newbie!

        Welcome to, I MUST say, the best place to be for all things wood fired oven.
        This site as no doubt you already know, probably having trawled it yourself before joining up, provides almost everything you need to know. And if not all you need to do is ask.

        Be really interested in knowing your plan towards the best pizza in Japan. Notwithstanding laurentis and mikku
        Cheers Colin

        My Build - Index to Major Build Stages


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          Re: Japan Newbie!

          [QUOTE=mrchipster;161095]If you are in this to save money the payback curve may be quite long. But the value of eating pizza better than Dominos is more than worth the extra cost.

          I have to laugh and agree if I live to be 90 and eat pizza once a week I can get down to about $5.00


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            Re: Japan Newbie!

            Welcome Wing70301!
            You have really come to the right place for pizza ovens and L O N G W I N D E D C O M M E N T S

            That is me!

            So I give up! What city or town is well known for its Ninja?
            City, Prefecture, Island, --closest big city for dummies like me! Then I kind of know where you are ! And I know a little about your climate!

            How about a little about yourself! What do you do here to bring home a paycheck? How long have you been here? Are you planning on being here a while or in and out person? What is your age group?

            Do you do anything besides work and eat? Something about your interests and mechanical abilities!

            Just call me "interrogator Mikku!" always want to know what is going on with the people I try to share ideas!

            Is wing a handle because you fly? or command an airwing? or a lifestyle of winging things? See--you get the idea! Always got too many questions!

            Is English your native tongue?


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              Re: Japan Newbie!

              Maybe too many questions?
              If you need help on your build, there are a few of us in Japan who might be able to assist... The value of the assistance is sometimes questionable!
              Welcome aboard!