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Barrel vault with gasifier stove in vietnam

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  • Barrel vault with gasifier stove in vietnam

    Hi all, just started the foundation of my oven, wil be a barrel style, easier to make and i gues if i not use a ton of cladding the thermal mass wil be same as a dome shaped oven.
    At the back of the oven i leave a 25 cm round hole where a top lid up draft gasifier wil be placed, so it fires directly on the oven, im not sure if this gives enough heat to cook pizza but surly wil be enough to do slow roast amd maybe even bread,.
    If i want pizza i was thinking ill place my wood on top of the hole, and close the front door so all air entering the oven wil be hot... Any ideas on this, i havent read anything about a airhole at the back of an oven?
    An other thing i would love some more info is on how to isulate my floor.
    Perlite and vermuculite and any other fancy stuff we cant get here in vietnam.
    I was thinking to use a 10 cm layer of burned rice husk and top it of with thin layer of refac concrte. And put my oven tiles on top of that.
    Dome insulation wil be just allu foil and sand?
    Thanks for any help, ill start post some fotos when i get my oven floor and hole done.

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    Re: Barrel vault with gasifier stove in vietnam

    Just tried to upload some fotos with my ipad but i cant open files. Only url.
    I only have a ipad, no computer... Any way to get fotos on here?