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Another Danish newb chasing the 42" Dream

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  • Another Danish newb chasing the 42" Dream

    Gdday to everyone !

    I'm a newcommer to this online society - but been studying FB.com for some time now. And now i persuaded the better half of my household to let me build my precious 42" WFO.

    I come from Denmark, and i'm 26 years old. And I got office hands, so this is going to be a big challenge for me - even tho it might end up even more expensive than the once you could buy in the online shop - I still believe it's going to beworth the while making my own WFO once I get it done though

    Just have to set my mind to all the inches and what not you guys use. But found a great app for that

    Its going to be fun, I dont expect any troubles in laying down the foundations and making the stand etc. But all the "hard" stuff will be from starting to insulate and make sure i'm using the correct materials, oh and yeah, making the dome - still fighting my self about which way to do it.

    I'm also glad I found this forum, cuz ppl here are interested in helping out with newb questions, and also there are tons of info already to just pick from.

    But in any case, i'm making a "build thread" once i get it going.

    Wish u all mery xmas and happy newyear!


    (spelling mistakes is my present to all of you)
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    Re: Another Danish newb chasing the 42" Dream

    Welcome to the forum Madsen and to the wonderful world of the WFO. I also started my project with a lot of questions and zero masonry experience. You are doing the right thing checking out the build threads here and posing your questions to the more "experienced" members. If you haven't looked already, make sure you work your way through the newbie thread http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f2/n...res-15133.html

    I got a lot of great ideas from the posted photos here and in the thread discussions...and it's really worth taking your time to think about a couple issues before construction starts.
    1) What are you planning to cook in the oven...just pizza? just bread? both? everything? (That answer will help determine the shape and size of the oven.)
    2) Where will you place the oven? Remember access to the kitchen is a big issue and having room for working the oven with lots of friends around you. (Don't forget the prevailing wind...smoke at startup can be annoying and wind blowing into the entry can make it difficult to start the fire.)
    3) Where will you prep & serve? Working space near the oven landing is really nice!
    4) Where will you store wood for the oven? Not just wood for one firing, but a season's stockpile.
    5) Will you build a rain shelter and/or cover for the oven (and your friends)? Also, standing in mud isn't good either for either you or your guests.

    Lots of other things to decide as you begin, but those will come later...again, welcome to the forum and the fun of building your own WFO. (Do spend time looking at the newbie treasures link noted above.)
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      Re: Another Danish newb chasing the 42" Dream

      Welcome Madsen

      Mike has some very good advice there. The more you dredge through the builds of others, take advantage of how they resolved their difficulties and form a well thought out plan of exactly you want to end up with and what it will look like, the better.

      I too had no masonry experience but with care and patience the end result will be a long lasting oven that brings much pleasure to many.

      Good luck with the build and I will follow your progress with interest.
      Cheers ......... Steve

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        Re: Another Danish newb chasing the 42" Dream

        I'll make it a threesome in welcoming you to the WFO society. I've seen some pretty nice builds come from office hands. Keep ups posted with plenty of pics and don't be shy with questions, some of us are not shy with answers....
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          Re: Another Danish newb chasing the 42" Dream

          Hi guys.

          Thanks for all the kind words

          I will for sure be making a build thread, so you can participate in my build. And as you also very much mention, some questions along the way is inevitable. I'm already making up the sketch in google sketchup - very interesting software to work in, and its free!

          The sketch is not done, its very much a work in progress - but it's the correct dims except the dome (yet) - Later i will also add the chimney, etc.

          (first time trying to upload pic)
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            Re: Another Danish newb chasing the 42" Dream


            I see you are building a corner build. I also did a corner build and documented pretty well. Take a look at my Picassa Album for more visuals.
            Build Link............... Picassa Photo Album Link