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Hello from North Alabama'

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  • Hello from North Alabama'

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to say hi! I have been trolling the site for a couple years, always planning to "some day" build a WFO. Well a year or so ago, my church "Sulphur Springs Baptist) poured a slab for an addition, and we had to extra pad poured attached, one for a smoker and one for a WFO. We got it enclosed, and today I started the block stand. I will post pictures as I go along. Hopefully anyway. :-)

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    Re: Hello from North Alabama'

    Good luck w/your build and welcome. Send us pictures. We love them.
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      Re: Hello from North Alabama'

      Hello Neighbor, I'm really looking forward to this one!

      I love the concept of community ovens. Especially for those, hopefully, rare times when gas or electricity is not available. (I've been through several hurricanes and a few ice storms in my short life) A church is a community. I built a, (or almost a), community size oven just for myself, my extended family, and friends. I guess that ya'll will be shooting for an all purpose oven to cook full meals. If so, it will be interesting to see how, and what ya'll cook on the declining oven temps . I am sure that ya'll will be mostly cooking for the fellowship, but it would also be great practice for those rare times when communities really need to come together .

      Welcome to the forum.
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        Re: Hello from North Alabama'

        Thanks for the welcome!

        The goal was always to provide both an outreach and an emergency source of food for the community. Our small town was hit badly by tornadoes in April of 2011. 10 days is a long time to go without power. So having a cooking source in an emergency for the community is certainly a goal.

        Also, our plan is to use it as an outreach in the community. Sometimes folks won't come to church, but they would come to a Pizza night. And all kids love pizza. And it is all about showing Jesus' love to those around us. :-).

        I will post pictures as they are available. I have the block stand up and am just waiting for decent weather to fill the cores and form the hearth. Hopefully soon!