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    I am blown away at this forum. Kudos to the team at FB! I live in SoCal, am a somewhat accomplished chef , and a year ago completed a total remodel of my indoor kitchen - right before I fell in love with WFOs. I am now planning a backyard remodel, and have decided to add one outdoors.

    I am in a bit of a quandry, and would welcome some advice. I have been offered a professional 48" (120m in. dia) modular WFO for $2K, less than a third of what it would cost new. On the face of it, it looks like too good a deal to pass up, except for the fact it may be overkill and way too inefficient for the way I will use it.

    So here's my info:

    1. Looking for a modular oven for outdoor custom install. I have OK construction skills, but do not want to build one from scratch.
    2. Estimated use: Pizza: twice a week, once a month for medium parties (8-10), and 3 times a year for large parties (25-50). Also bread baking about 5 lbs. a week, and occasional roasts etc.
    3. Based on reading up as much as I can on this site, and consulting manufacturers websites, it looks like a 36' oven would be about right for me.
    4. My one big concern is heat-up time. I have a feeling I'll be using it a lot less if it takes 3 hrs. to get to 750 deg. I live in a very high fire area (back yard is right up against a hill), and will probably not be comfortable with leaving a live fire outdoors unattended.

    I'm currently leaning towards the Casa80 ($3K incl tax/shipping) or Premio100 ($4K). This will be installed next to an outdoor tandoor (a hi-temp Indian clay oven, with coal heat from below), which I wanted to put indoors, but could not get approved by local authorities. I welcome all and any advice - especially on the decision to give up the deal on the commercial oven. It goes against the grain to pay 1 or 2 grand more for a smaller oven.

    On a separate note, I noticed that the acronym for WFOs is pronounced woofers. I picked my username WUFFO based on an old skydiving term for non-skydivers: as an I don't understand why you do this - what for (wuffo?)!