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Hello Everyone! First question

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  • Hello Everyone! First question

    I'm Alejandro and i'm from Paraguay but i'm currently living in Italy.
    I've worked as a pizzaiolo in my country and in Argentina but i came to Italy to learn from the bests and hopefully open my own place in a few months.
    I have a question and i hope you can help me, i've seen some of the plans that you've posted on the forum (and i'm really gratefull to you guys for doing the work youve done) BUT i haven't really found a plan for the design of oven i'd like to build.
    It looks something like the photos i'm ataching to the thread, basically the difference is that the wood doesnt burn inside the main oven but in a smaller compartment right next to it, that has an individual door.
    Is there an old thread where someone has allready posted about this? if not:
    Do you think a standard design with a hole on the side conducting to a smaller "chamber" with the wood burning would work?
    Thank you very much and thanks again for all the knowledge you're sharing

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    Re: Hello Everyone! First question

    Hi Sforza,

    What's the advantage of having the wood burn next to the main oven?

    I expect this would make it difficult (impossible?) to cook pizza with an open flame. Also a smaller chamber would have less draw (of air/oxygen), so harder to get a fire going with any vigour and longer to heat the oven?

    I'm very curious though!



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      Re: Hello Everyone! First question

      Are the pictures you attached for real ovens? What are they used for?
      Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?
      I forgot who said that.


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        Re: Hello Everyone! First question

        They are normal WFO's except that the floor rotates. The OP is describing either a white oven or a bake oven, not a pizza oven.