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    Hello there... I just joined the group so I hope I'm posting in the correct format and protocol!!! Seeking advice and hope this sees its way to the general population out there!!!I'm a northern "yankee" transplanted to South Carolina. The southern folks here love their BBQ, pulled pork, etc... and many have homemade grills out of 55 gallon drums. I want to add a yankee twist and build a barrel pizza oven with a drum but not sure if the standard barrel will withstand the temperatures. I'm not well educated on the physics behind conductivity, refractory, insulating, etc.... For the floor I intend on using the standard 4.5x9 fire bricks. I also would like to line the interior of the barrel somehow to both protect the metal as well as efficiently radiate the heat in and around the oven. I see online a variety of refractory coatings on the market, one in particular Zyp, These look to be for "kiln" applications but not sure how effective for an oven. I'm also considering using unglazed "quarry" tile if I can somehow adhere it to the inside of the metal barrel. My oven is going to be mobile and on wheels so I want something lightweight to lift in and out of my truck and move about the yard. That's why I'm considering either the brushed on coating or the thin (and cheep) tiles. Or is that overkill??? Do I even need to line the inner barrel??? Any advice is appreciated!!!

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    Re: First Oven

    Hi Sam! Nice to see another South Carolinian on the forum.

    You can get 55 gallon drums in stainless steel, I think that might help it last vs. mild steel. If you plan to cut a used drum open, be sure you know what was in it and that it cannot explode from the sparks...

    Have you seen the bellaoutdoorliving ovens? They are made from 14 gauge 304 stainless steel, no coating on the inside as far as I can tell.


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      Re: First Oven

      Hubert thanks for the info!!! I checked out the website for bellaoutdoorliving ovens. Looks interesting. I notice a lot of ovens in the 24" dimension range. How much room is typically reserve for the wood? If you make an 18" pizza it doesn't leave too much room for the fire!!! I'm going to give the barrel a try if I can locate a used one. I'm considering lining the inside with 1/8" quarry tile but afraid it may crack from heat adding additional crunchy topping to my pizza!!!