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Looks like a lot of fun

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  • Looks like a lot of fun

    What a great resource. I was just noodling the idea of building a pizza oven, but now that I've found this site and forum I have no excuses! I live on 15 acres in central California. I will be following the stories of you here as I gear up to build one of my own.

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    Re: Looks like a lot of fun

    15 acres! You can build a BIG oven! Welcome!

    My Oven Thread:


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      Re: Looks like a lot of fun

      Go for it Jim,
      I did the very same thing a few months ago and am enjoying the results today.
      Watch out that you don't get information overload! Very easy to achieve at this forum.
      Great incentive to get going with realistic expectations, material selection, sourcing, build and then how to use it with receipes and all the know how that goes with it.
      I got a lot out of it and continue with the cooking ideas and assistance from other members experiences.

      Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

      The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

      Neillís Pompeiii #1
      Neillís kitchen underway


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        Re: Looks like a lot of fun

        I think I will just follow the basic instructions for the larger size. We're just trying to finish up building our house, so I may take a break from projects for a while but will be lurking here, and will eventually get going.

        Thanks for the encouragement!


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          Re: Looks like a lot of fun


          You've come to the right place to get yourself educated. You will be amazed (as I was) at the depth of knowledge and generosity of the forum members. I figure I am about halfway through my oven build and no way would I have gotten this far without the forum's support.

          I was in your neck of the woods last spring on a trip to Angles' Camp. I remember Copperopolis as a charming town.

          Best of luck to you,