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Just about to build a pompeii oven :D

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    Re: Just about to build a pompeii oven

    Thanks Dmun, l like your input.
    With me it's all just trial and error, l really dont have a clue - so l welcome all of your comments.
    l can see what you're saying, it was just an idea and thats why l posted to get some feedback on it - so thank you. A regular oven is what it will be then.
    Thanks for 'the Rayburn oven door' idea, l didnt even consider the thermometer, how handy is that?
    Just hoping that after all of our building and ideas - it doesn't end up looking like a pile of junk with the oven door an' all! Lol.
    Still thinking about flue's - how high do you think l could go.
    A neighbour raised an interesting point about the smoke created by it and l'm now worried that after all the expense l could get some complaints? :{
    lt's kind of put me off a bit.


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      Re: Just about to build a pompeii oven


      You'll find that the design of the oven guarantees very efficient burning. You'll get a small bit of smoke for about 10 minutes, but after that all you'll get is clear, hot gasses. Naturally, this assumes that your wood supply is well seasoned.

      "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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        Re: Just about to build a pompeii oven

        Thank you - yes, very well seasoned
        So pleased about the smoke.
        l dont know what it's like in the US but things are really hotting up here environmentally, even bonfires are frowned upon now.
        The last thing l needed was an oven which smoked too much.
        That sounds ok a little bit of smoke for just a short while.
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