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Newbie Construction - Ottawa, ON, Canada

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  • Newbie Construction - Ottawa, ON, Canada

    After years of contemplation we finally poured the foundation for a 42? Pompeii oven last weekend. The foundation blocks are now in place and next weekend we?ll tackle the hearth. Seems there?s a wealth of information on this forum and I?ll be putting it to good use. I?m amazed at the skill, artistry, knowledge, expertise and helpfulness displayed here.
    Unfortunately, we left it too late for our oven to be ready in time for Canadian Thanksgiving (next Monday) but completion could coincide with American Thanksgiving ? if so I?ll celebrate twice this year!
    This is my first posting - I?ll be back with photos sometime soon.

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    Re: Newbie Construction - Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Welcome. And, as you said, there is a wealth of information here.

    I served pizza appetizers for Thanksgiving last year and will do again this year. I also think that I'll try a turkey in the WFO this year.

    J W


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      Re: Newbie Construction - Ottawa, ON, Canada

      Thanks for the welcome.
      Right now, with so much still to do, I'll be happy if it just gets done, stays standing and ends up looking reasonably good - the actual cooking part will be a bonus!


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        Re: Newbie Construction - Ottawa, ON, Canada


        I'm north and east of Toronto. The welcomes here, mine included, are quite genuine. Keep the faith; you'll get there.

        "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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          Re: Newbie Construction - Ottawa, ON, Canada

          Hi Jim, and thanks.

          I hope I didn?t sound discouraged - I?ll get there, as you say, but patience isn?t a strong suit of mine. Needed, I know, to get it (oven) right, so I?m gritting my teeth in grudging acceptance of the fact that I'll have to wait till Friday to move ahead. I think I have managed to attach a thumbnail of the progress so far.

          I actually have a pretty good grasp of where you?re located ? less than an hour west of one of the Ontario?s best cheese factories - Ivanhoe (shameless plug - family ties in the area and I really enjoy their aged cheddar).

          I had a look at your Mary G.?s site and am really impressed by all the breads you bake. Perhaps I?ll have the pleasure of stopping in for a loaf some day. Baking bread is an even bigger draw for me than making pizza. And a neighbour has already put in her request for bagels!



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            Re: Newbie Construction - Ottawa, ON, Canada

            Hey, I like your two-hole stand. That's a good idea! It's impossible to get to the back of the standard design wood storage.
            My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2