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  • Hello from Turkey

    While doing some research on ovens and how to use them I came across this forum and can't wait to get into the pages. I am an ex-pat Irishman and retired to Turkey last year. There is a long tradition of wood-fired stone ovens here and the bread I get everyday comes from one such place. Being an avid amateur cook I felt that an oven would be a must have to try to learn about bread and baking.

    My oven has just been completed and landscaping of the area is ongoing. Knowing nothing about it I called in an expert 'firin-usta' for the build. They are hard to find and my man was quite experienced at 82 years old. His labourer was a mere 65. When I figure out how to I shall post some photographs. I look forward to reading of your experiences and hope to make some small contribution in due course.


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    Re: Hello from Turkey

    ~waves hi~

    To attach pics:

    Upload onto your computer
    Either use 'Quote' (bottom left hand side of any post) or 'Go Advanced' (under Quick Reply) (If you're starting a thread you needn't worry about this - it will take you where you need to be automatically).
    From the Advanced Screen, click on the little paper clip icon in the screen's tool bar
    That opens a separate window. Click Browse.
    That opens your Pictures file (if you put it elsewhere you can browse around from there until you find your pic)
    Click on the pic you want to upload
    Click Save
    Wait a minute while it uploads (if you have dial up go walk the dog)
    Click Close Window
    Go back to the paper clip icon and click it again.
    It will give you an option (or options if you uploaded more than one pic) that looks like [disable][ATTACH]12345[ATTACH][/disable] - click it
    The same thing will appear in your post - that is the pic, don't worry that it doesn't look like it yet.
    Finish your post, click Post and it should show your pic in your new post.

    *Ignore the [disable] thingie - it's the stuff in between that matters.
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      Re: Hello from Turkey

      Welcome Inishta!

      You are in Fethiye? I spent 3 days in Kas a long time ago (15 years ago!)...but I still remember it! A beautiful part of the world! Welcome to the forum!

      All you forum members should google Fethiye to see what I mean...

      My Oven Thread:


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        Re: Hello from Turkey

        Hi Inishta,

        I look forward to seeing your photos of a traditional Turkish oven.
        Happy baking!



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          Re: Hello from Turkey

          Welcome to the group, dont be shy, post away...


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            Re: Hello from Turkey

            Welcome in, brouse around a bit. when you see somthing of interest, by all means chime in. If we don't have the answer, we will find someone who dows

            There is no place better than a bunch of guys and gals who are all working towards great pizza



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              Re: Hello from Turkey

              Thanks a lot for the welcome. I've had a browse and am blown away by the range of info in the forum. Found myself jumping from one thread to another. I think it would be easy to get a bit addicted. (Must have been on here 10 times yesterday.) Thanks to Archena for the pic info, Ill sort some out.