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Just starting out.

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  • Just starting out.

    Hi Eevryone,
    I am just starting out in the wonderfull world of outdoor ovens. I built my first effort,(a very small clay job that turned out to be a bit too small and not well insulated enough) about six months ago. I have now enlarged the base area and am investigating all the different methods, styles, types, designs, etc. I want to build my own oven ideally with scavenged materials, rather than an expensive kit.
    I would be eternally grateful for idea's, suggestions, tips, etc. I will be reading all the past and present threads to learn as much as possible before starting probably in the spring. I have loads of questions, but here are a few to start with.
    With a door or without? Does this depend on what type of thing I want to cook?
    Fire in the oven, or fire heating from below?
    As I said before all tips very gratefully received from experienced "Oveners".
    Nick, Evesham, England.

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    Re: Just starting out.


    You'll find all the answers you need here. Start by downloading the free e-books from the main Forno Bravo site (www.fornobravo.com), especially the Pompeii oven plans. I'd definitely go for fire in the oven. You'll need a door to bake bread but not for pizzas. It's likely you'll also need a draft control door. Have a look through the posts and the photo gallery for ideas.

    There are quite a few members here from England who can help you out with sourcing materials without taking a second mortgage.

    Welcome to the compulsive, addictive world of building and cooking in a WFO. That's it, you're hooked.

    "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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      Re: Just starting out.

      Thanks for that Jim, I found one of the most enjoyable things about the first oven was planning and building it!


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        Re: Just starting out.

        Hi Nick and welcome,

        ovens are fun on a number of levels ........What you have sounds like a cob oven (thats what we call them in Oz).
        I built my oven on a budget by scrounging around for bits and pieces, some details here:


        There are some keys things for a good all round brick oven so the Forno Bravo plans are a wise start - as Jim mentions.

        If you don't understand something or why it may be designed a certain way feel free to ask.......then when you do spend some $$$ (or should I say $ )you'll make the right choice

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          Re: Just starting out.

          Yeh Hi Nick,
          go for it, build with the materials available. Some build with solid common red bricks, s Russel Jeavons (a local wood fired oven builder, restaurant owner and chef) who only uses these bricks. My next ovens (for the daughters and sons in law) will be built with these bricks and the poor maqns mortar.
          Check out my build at:

          http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f21/...-4-a-2045.html and


          for some ideas.

          Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

          The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

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