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  • Hello with Questions

    Ate Pizza from a wood fired oven in Seattle and really want to research building one. I live in Bozeman MT and some of my concerns are as follow:

    Finding any hardwoods in MT are like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. Oak is $400 a cord if you can get it. Does anyone heat with lump charcoal or briquettes to get to temp then stick some type of good hard wood on while cooking?

    I think I only have one of these ovens in me to build, so was thinking portable, we are going to sell our home in the next few years and want to be able to take it with me. Was thinking of a beefy metal frame then the oven. Can anyone give me and estimate of how much they think a 36-40 inch dome oven weighs. I have a Kubota L48 that can lift about 2500 lbs with the fork lift attachment.

    Thanks in advance, this is a great Forum


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    Re: Hello with Questions


    A prebuilt oven, The Toscana comes fully assembled all you need to provide is the foundation (steel stand in your case) and you are ready to cook, after a series of drying out fires. This will top out at 1500 lbs.


    Since these are factory made and shipped from the source they are designed at the optimum standards - no overbuiilding as a home builder will do.

    The Artigiano is a modular build and tops out near 750 pounds. Being a kit you need to do more prep work and depending on what you use for the base and insulating layer will determine the final weight of the unit.

    check out http://www.fornobravo.com/residentia...rick_oven.html

    As for a Pompeii you will need to go to the search engine and try a few combinations of : oven weights weigh...