Greetings, All ...

I have been thinking about building a WFO for some time and may take the plunge this spring as soon as the current school semester is over. My teaching and coaching takes up most of my daylight hours so this will have to be a summer project. I think I'll incorporate the planning of the oven into a project for my advanced engineering students ... that way, I'll end up with a good set of drawings and a project timeline. (No wonder my students wish I would stay off-line and keep my projects to myself!)

My much better half has been hinting at tearing down the deck at the back of the house and putting in a patio. That sounds like the perfect invitation to put in an outdoor kitchen.

Right now I am making pizza and some breads on my Big Green Egg ceramic cooker with reasonable success. I use firebricks under a smooth pizza stone for thermal mass.

I'll post more as plans develop and construction begins.