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    I have just joined the forum and am looking forward to being a part of it and learning about oven construction and using an oven to its full potential. I live in Australia and my family ha a property in country Victoria.

    My initial enquiry is if there are any forum members that live in Australia.
    I am in the planning stage and in search of materials.
    Any info would be great.


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    Aussie ovens

    http://www.traditionaloven.com/ I believe he is an Aussie and he has a great website.
    Renaissance Man
    Wholly Man


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      Yes, he is.
      I bought his CD and I had learned a lot with it. Good pictures, step by step Alan Scott type oven building.
      Nice and friendly guy/site.



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        Another Aussie here. Just joined last week. Great site!

        I haven't got an oven yet, but I'm looking at making a small, portable version of the Pompeii that will be on a trolley. Something I can use on my back deck.

        Any pitfalls anyone can think of??? T.I.A.

        Jason (cookeetree).


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          Might be a tad heavy for a trolley on your deck.
          Renaissance Man
          Wholly Man


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            The deck is yet to be built (house is being built early next year), but the deck will be strong enough to hold a portable spa.

            I'm still looking into the feasibility of it all, but thanks for the input.


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              another aussie

              Great to meet another Aussie online. I have had my oven for about 2 months and built it on a stand so it can be moved. A great idea for a deck. I chose the pompeii model and just love it!

              The guys who import them, Gabs and Rob from Adelaide, came to Hobart and built it for me. We shot a DVD on how to build the oven which I think will be very helpful. Contact me if you would like a copy.

              I can't recommend these ovens highly enough. I find it easy to fire up and use - the pizzas are sensational.

              Cheers to all,
              Tasmania, Australia


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                Hi Helenb

                Could you please supply contact details for Gabs and Rob from Adelaide as I would be interested in geting a quote for a Pompaii oven
                Many Tahanks
                Dave S


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                  I am a new member, based in Adelaide.
                  Currently building a RADO "masterly tail", from www.traditionalovens.com


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                    Contact for Gabs and Rob

                    Sorry for the delay in replying. Gabs can be contacted on 0418 819567 or 08 83641857.

                    They have just returned from Italy where they visited all the pizza oven factories.

                    I am baking a Flinders Island milk fed leg of lamb in my oven this weekend - fantastic! I honestly mean it when I say I love the oven and it is so easy to use.


                    Originally posted by sidave01
                    Could you please supply contact details for Gabs and Rob from Adelaide as I would be interested in geting a quote for a Pompaii oven
                    Many Tahanks
                    Dave S


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                      DVD on how to build a woodfire oven

                      Hi Everyone,

                      When building my woodfired oven we produced a DVD on how to build it. The oven was built by Gabs and Rob from Al Forno who import the ovens from Italy. It is a professional production with lots of great advice and hands on demos.

                      If anyone would like a copy email me at: helen@handbagmillionaires.com - cost is $20 and includes postage within Australia.



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                        Another Aussie here, joined last week. I'm in Sale, Victoria.
                        We are thinking about a Pompeii oven as part of a renovation of the house. Right now we are about 87% through the kitchen renovation, part of 'Operation Senility," designed to make the house friendlier for old people. The flooring guy is coming today to seal the new cork tiles, we are therefore leaving to visit the kids for a few days.