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Buon Giorno to all.

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  • Buon Giorno to all.


    Just wanted to say hi and thank everyone for this amazing site and all your input. I'm located in Sonoma County, CA and I'm in the process of re landscaping my backyard. I'm a third generation Italian American who grew up just outside NYC with a huge Italian family, very Soprano like. Sunday's were the usual ritual of church and then visiting both sets of grandparents. My grandmother would have a table of homemade pasta drying for the Sunday afternoon feast. Being a young kid surrounded by all this madness was so much fun. I had Aunts that would teach me curse words and Uncles that would give me a taste of vino. And the meals were amazing. Twenty to thirty people sitting outside eating a feast. Most of the food was cooked outside and the majority of the food was grown or raised by my Grandfather.

    After seeing this website I'm already in the process of plotting out an area in my yard to construct a Pompeii brick oven. It's a must have for me. I'm a pretty handy guy and do alot of remodel work around the house but I'd love to find a friend or two in the area that has taken on this project to give me some advice.

    I can only imagine how much fun it would be to invite friends over and make homemade brick oven pizza. I also love to make homemade bread, calzones, foccaccia, etc. Thanks for all your advice. Franco
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    Re: Buon Giorno to all.

    Welcome aboard!

    Good to have you.

    Do lots of reading, a bit of planning, more reading, more planning...etc.


    Shoot from the hip! It's really not so hard. (except on the back)

    Enjoy the experience, or should I say obsession.

    Post lots of pics, (we enjoy those) and ask questions.
    There is usually plenty of help here.

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      Re: Buon Giorno to all.

      Ciao Franco,
      Welcome! There are many California builders around you, but I can't think of one near Petaluma off the top of my head. Isn't the Forno Bravo show room in Napa?

      Regardless, as Dave said, read and ask questions. Take a bunch of pics once you start building and be sure to post them for us. We live vicariously around here!

      I think you'll find this to be one of your favorite home improvements, both during the building, and once you start cooking.
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        Re: Buon Giorno to all.

        Welcome aboard, with the help from this forum, it is DIY project that you can easily handle. I only had help when I poured the foundation and the hearth. Physically that was the only hard part to the project. If you can get ready mix to your build site, have them truck it in.

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          Re: Buon Giorno to all.

          Hi Franco....and welcome

          that would be great experiences to have growing up.........

          made pasta myself this weekend (2nd time)......I forgot how great fresh pasta tasted

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