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Hello from Chester, UK

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  • Hello from Chester, UK

    Hi everyone. I make pizzas and bake bread every week and I've been toying with the idea of building a woodfired Pizza oven for a year or so, but it wasn't until I found this site that I had enough info to give it a go.
    I will be building my oven over the easter week. My garden is on former railway line and tucked away in an unused corner is a 4" reinforced concrete slab on a brick stand which I will be using for my base. I Will be adding 4" of vermiculite concrete to this for insulation.

    I have Firebricks on order, from Dudley Designs, for the hearth, however they are to expensive for the dome so I will be using red brick. I understand from the forum that softer bricks are best. I have a supply of victorian bricks left over from building work so might use these. Alternatively I could buy some scotch common bricks for about 30p each. If anyone can advise I would be grateful.

    I have fireclay on order for the mortar again from Dudley Designs.
    I was going to use 6" of vermiculite concrete for the dome insulation, but am now veering towards insulfax blanket and 4" of vermic. concrete - if I can find a supplier for the blanket. Does anyone know of any more easily obtainable alternatives?

    I will post photos and keep anyone interested informed. If anyone has any queries I would be happy to answer.

    Wish me luck

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    Re: Hello from Chester, UK

    Welcome...and a most excelent plan! I started concidering a wood fired oven because I had 1200 used red bricks and was wondeing what to do with them. The downloadable oven plans mentioned how much better fire bricks work, but that a red brick oven is better than no oven at all. I ended up using firebricks for the oven, BUT, they were cheap here in Sac. CA. Sounds as though you have a handle on everything else- that is proper insulation and all. I know now, after useing my oven a few times, that insulation is very important and worth the extra effort and expence if you plan to use it more than once per firing. I have cooked the next morning and even the next night, no problem. I have even read on this forum about cooking, at low heat, the day after that!

    Hope this helps.

    Oh, good luck!


    hope this helps.


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      Re: Hello from Chester, UK

      Hi Dusty,

      Thanks for the support.
      I made a start today, despite the wind and hail.
      Vermiculite slab is cast.
      I will post further details in the construction section of the forum.




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        Re: Hello from Chester, UK

        Keep driving towards that goal. You will encounter bumps, small ones though. Keep great documentation of your work, and photograph.. It will be great for you, and of course, for us.
        An excellent pizza is shared with the ones you love!

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          Re: Hello from Chester, UK

          Just at the other end of the '56 and started work on my oven over Easter too! Likewise firebricks were too pricy for the whole oven. (using engineering bricks for the external work and scotch commons for the oven walls/arch). I've gone done the vermiculite route for insulation, so can't help with the insulating blanket.
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            Re: Hello from Chester, UK

            Welcome aboard....looking forward to the photos
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