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Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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  • Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Hi folks,
    I have using this fabulous site for the past few months to get an idea of the best approach for a bread oven - an interest of mine for years - this is the year of the build.
    My wife and I travel to Italy for a couple weeks - a few days on the Almafi coast and the rest of the time outside Orvietto. Hoping to experience Italian life, especially food and wine. If you have any recommendations, especially restaurants with wood fired ovens, please pass them along.
    I organized a group of 5 of us from across Canada and we took in a weekend bread making class from Canuck Jim about a mont ago. A great time was had by all and we learned a lot. Jim is an excellent host.
    With all this info and the trip to Italy, I hope to finalize my oven design shortly after our return. I like the pompeii oven design featured on the web site and I am thinking about a cast dome.
    My compliments to our host - truly an excellent website.
    Looking forward to participating in the discussions.
    Ken P

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    Re: Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


    Welcome home. You've come to the right place

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      Re: Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

      I have restaurant reccomendations in Chianti, Venice, Lucca, and Florence, but not so much in the Amalfi coast. Follow the locals....

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        Re: Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

        In Orvietto, make sure you go into the Duomo (there is a Last Judgement that Michaelangelo looked to for inspiration) and the Etruscan museum across the piazza is very good.

        I have a "restaurant to avoid". As you walk out of the main piazza toward the high street (sorry, forgot the street name), there is a restaurant on the right hand side with a lot of white-washed furniture and art. It's new, and seems to be owned by a group more interested in their art and design business (and profit) than the actual restaurant. I've found that a majority of Italian restaurants are family-owned, with generations of care and attention. This is not that. :-)

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          Re: Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

          Can't remember a single one. I'd aim at Positano or Sorento for overall charm. As I always recomend, ask the locals for the best food in the area. Generally, they will recommend thier cousin's place first, and the other good ones after. A couple of tries will give you positive results. I seriously doubt that you will be dissapointed if you stay away from the tourist traps. You must go to Capri if you make it to Sorento overnight. Not to be missed.
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