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INSBLOCK 19 insulation for cooking floor

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  • INSBLOCK 19 insulation for cooking floor

    Hi, I'm new here to this forum and I have a question about insulation under the cooking floor. I'm using INSBLOCK 19, 2 inch thick and I was wondering if that is enough or do I have to add more? Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

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    Check the compressibility factor on Insblock 19, it is lower(softer) than what is normally specified (abt 38 lbs- in.sq at 10% deform vs ie FB board is 72 lbs. Thermal K are good. A min of 2" of high tech insulation is the min.
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      I have already done the floor and I used the 2 inch Insblock 19. Would it be a good idea to take it done and add some more insulation or is this good enough for baking bread? Do you think the floor will deform under the weight of the oven or I should be fine? Another question I have about the bricks I'm planning to use for the dome, I have attached a picture with them. I got them off of Craigslist and they have no marking on them and appear to be new. I was told by the seller that they were made to be used in Alcoa Aluminum factory so I'm pretty sure they are high duty fire bricks. Since I already have them can I use them to build the dome and for the cooking floor I had purchased regular fire bricks from Mutual Materials (our local building supply store)

      Thank you for getting back to me, I appreciate it!