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  • Hi from Assinippi

    Hi from Assinippi MA (a little corner of Hanover right next to Norwell where I live). Un believable site. I was browsing and now I've got my curiosity going. The wife makes great pizza in the electric oven. I'm not sure that I want to build a wood fired pizza oven, but the idea has me intrigued.

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    Re: Hi from Assinippi

    If you build it they will come. Welcome aboard, glad to see you found this site. There is a lot to be learned here even if you never plan on a build.
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      Re: Hi from Assinippi

      Originally posted by assinippi View Post
      I'm not sure that I want to build a wood fired pizza oven
      Well then you're in the WRONG place! I wasn't serious about actually building a WFO until I stumbled across this board. I figured:

      1. It's too expensive
      2. The skills required are out of my league
      3. The whole idea is just insane (what will the neighbors think??)

      The folks on here really convinced us to do it.

      #1 - is definitely a variable. You can go as fancy or as cheap as you want and still make awesome pizza.

      #2 - is for the most part completely wrong.

      #3 - Who cares what others think! We just had our end-of-the-year Girl Scout Troop party today. All the parents and daughters were blown away at making their own First Class pizza. Your first pizza party will make the effort worth it.

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        Re: Hi from Assinippi

        Assinippi huh? Geeze, you must have a thousand good takeoffs on that name for your town. I'd love to hear the jargon for what the locals call the town after a couple of beers!

        Welcome! Come on in. Make yourself at home. Stay awhile!
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