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Wish i had found this forum sooner...

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  • Wish i had found this forum sooner...

    This forum is great. I have been reading thorough many posts. I look forward to building a home brew cast dome oven some day.

    That day may come sooner or later, I don’t know. Before finding this forum, I built two stacked brick ovens. The first was small and mainly to find out if I enjoyed cooking brick oven pizzas. Once I found how much i enjoyed it, I chose to build a much larger stacked brick oven.

    Then I went one step too far and coated the monster oven with surface bonding cement. So now it is no longer easily disassembled. The oven is shown in my avatar.

    I have decided to use it until it starts to fail and then i will replace it with a true pizza oven. I fear both that it will happen quickly and that it will last forever.

    I will post about the oven in the ‘other oven types’ forum so that others can learn from the error of my ways and so I can give updates on how it is fairing.

    Thanks to everyone for the many great and wonderful posts on this forum.