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Hello from Central Coast of California

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  • Hello from Central Coast of California

    Hi to All,

    Brand new to the site and am looking forward to building the Pompeii oven on this site. I am sure that I will have plenty of questions, would love to have this done by September 15th. I look forward to seeing pictures of all the projects that are being shared here on the forum and I hope that I can be disciplined enough to share my project. I should be pouring the slab in the next couple of weeks.

    Until then or sooner.

    Jon Bell

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    Re: Hello from Central Coast of California

    Hi Jon,

    Welcome! Have fun browsing the oven threads. Most of the questions have been answered (some may take some digging!) Feel free to ask away when you get stumped.

    Most importantly, post some pics of your project!
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      Re: Hello from Central Coast of California

      Welcome aboard Jon,

      Pictures are always a lot of fun -- and they improve your chances of winning Best of the Month. :-)

      I think we are officially considered central coast as well.
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        Re: Hello from Central Coast of California

        Hey Jon,

        Welcome to the site.

        I have found the information here to be the key to a WFO build. Any question, if you don't find the answers in the photo gallery, or with a search of the previous posts, a quick post to the masses will prompt very quick responses, and most often accurate!

        It is very important that you own a digital camera and send in pictures of your progress! More often is more better... (no extra points for poor grammar..)

        Pictures = very good...

        Good luck with your build, I look forward to watching your progress!



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          Re: Hello from Central Coast of California

          Where on the central coast? I'm in Psao Robles and just found this site as well. I'm starting to think about an oven and learning all I can. If you're local, maybe we could get together and bounce ideas around!


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            Re: Hello from Central Coast of California

            Welcome to the forum, We are pleased to have you here. If it is info you seek you have stumbled upon a gold mine. Enjoy and visit daily. If you have questions there is a search feature at the top of the page that works great. If you still have questions after that then feel free to ask away.
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              Re: Hello from Central Coast of California

              Hello everybody,
              I have been lurking for about 6 months now, and have started building a pompeii at a friends house here in Seattle. Slow going, but not due to the information or plans available here!

              I will be moving to Paso Robles (Templeton, actually) at the start of August, and would love to discuss (talk about, bs, look at, sip cold ones by, etc) other wfo's with members of this forum. I will be starting a build in Templeton as soon as we figure out the placement, and where I can source materials.

              Thanks for all the great info!

              Dave Pike


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                Re: Hello from Central Coast of California

                Hey Dave,
                I don't yet have an oven and won't be starting probably until after the summer passes since it gets to be and stays around 90-100 here. I would love to talk more and meet up when you get here. It would be fun to have someone to do a build with. Let me know and shoot me a private message and we could exchange info to get in touch. Hope to talk to you soon.