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Greetings from CA from a new Casa 80 Owner

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  • Greetings from CA from a new Casa 80 Owner

    If I had done more sleuthing and found this forum before I got my oven I would have saved some time !! I'm Happy to join the group and really happy with my oven build so far. I had to jackhammer out some sandstone to cut into the hillside and then build my platform. I opted for a narrower slab and ended up using 2 of the 3 fiber board insulation under the oven and then cut the 3rd one to the same shape of the dome and put it at the back. This worked out great so I could stretch the chicken wire up and over from the side of the slab. I still have a countertop to pour, and grinding and finish stucco to put on and a stone retaining wall behind to get done but I'm stoked on how this is coming together. The plan is to do the turkey in it after burn in.... Happy Grilling all.
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    Welcome to the forum community FireGriller! Your Casa install is looking great. We do recommend doing the curing fires with the insulation on but before the final outer render. Go slow on those first few fires, should have enough time for turkey day temps but it's not worth rushing now. Lots of cooking bliss headed your way...enjoy
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      Thanks ! - any chance you can forward the suggested curing schedule and temps? I found one from 2006 with 7 days and using newspaper and 'sticks' as the gauge and another for 5 days using temperature starting at 300 F. for number of hours. which one is better and what's the best recommendation? That would be super helpful. thanks !


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        There is a detailed section on curing in the Forno Bravo website.
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          Nicely done!
          I am seriously considering a Casa 80 as well.
          • How do you like it? Any regrets or change you would do?
          • How did the curing process go?
          • Any completely finished pics?