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"No Turn" oven, Let's try a commercial size..

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  • nissanneill
    Re: "No Turn" oven, Let's try a commercial size..

    Sound like a great oven and congratulations on your innovative experimental/give it a go attitude.
    A few pictures would be greatly appreciates, not only by me but other members of your white oven.
    I have a 40"Pompeii and a couple of weeks ago, a group of guests sampling the oven produce could not believe the difference in taste to the hearth cooked pizzas (which I prepared the bases and they assemble their choice and quantities of toppings) compared to aluminium pan cooked pizzas.
    I would always have wood fires in the oven as you can flavour your goods to suit and make them 'different' than anything offered by the oppsoition. Gas is a 'convenience' method of heating but lacks 'personality', also as you say, the customers have something to look at which will also draw them into your establishment.
    Wood can be a bit of a problem as well as expensive in places, but well woth the expense for the benefit that it exhibits.


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  • Fourlix
    started a topic "No Turn" oven, Let's try a commercial size..

    "No Turn" oven, Let's try a commercial size..

    I built my backyard, barrel vault, "white" brick oven almost ten years ago. There was very little information on the web back then. I saw a picture of a very old New England white (i.e. firebox underneath the floor) brick oven with a barrel vaulted dome and decided that was the oven for me. I had to design it myself, I could never find the web page where I caught that first glimpse of it again. Well it came out great, I really think it is the best design. There are a total of nine vents leading from the firebox into the oven. It cooks very evenly, turning a pizza is just not neccessary. And it looks fabulous.
    SO here we are ten years later and I want to start a Pizza and BBQ restaurant with a microbrewery next door to my Powersport Dealership. I am a Suzuki, Polaris, Ranger, Can-Am, Aprilia, Vespa and Piaggio dealer. This would be a great addition to my business, creating a "culture zone" for motorcycle, pizza and BBQ enthusiasts as well as regular folk to hang out and groove on the best food and booze and bikes around.
    This is just in the feasability stage, but I have a shopping center location and I already own the land.
    The gas vs wood vs both question is prominent. Good help is hard to find, and expensive. So is good firewood. Consistency could be a real problem with just wood. Taste, quality and effect, or curb appeal, could be diminished with just gas. I think I am answering my own question here, I gotta go with both. Wood fired with gas back up. BBQ will be wood with electric back up.
    SO, OVEN # 2 When I watch the flames dance across the roof of my oven I can see how beautifully it flows. I am an engine builder, and built a lot of two-cycle motorcycle racing engines. My pizza oven is a lot like a two cycle engine, and flow equals horsepower. I like the under floor heat, so that would be a good place to put the gas burner, with the wood fire in the back of the oven where people can see it.
    I used tapered fire bricks for the vault from Phoenix Brick Yard. I could vault the back wall as well. Obviously this oven has to be much bigger, at least 42" cooking surface. The goal would be to create another "no turn" oven. More later, gotta go sell scooters.