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42" Pompeii in Newton Abbot, Devon,UK

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  • 42" Pompeii in Newton Abbot, Devon,UK

    Hi all from wet, still chilly and very windy Devon (UK),

    So this is my second build, the first was a straight forward 42" Pompeii which I added to over time with a BBQ and some worktop space, the house was sold and after a few years abroad I have come back and settled down and bought a new place.

    This time for the build I have the bonus of more time, experience and more space to build in. The location is an out door swimming pool area of which I have allocated one end to become an outdoor kitchen and bar area. Quite a brave move for a place in the UK but as we are down south in a place nicknamed 'Torbaydos' I think it's a good shout.

    I have already laid out my block base to get the idea fixed in my head and the long haired generals approval. Tomorrow I start in earnest to fix the first course and get the shape of the kitchen. There will be the corner build 42" pizza oven with polished concrete worktop either side with a BBQ built on the right side of the kitchen. The base will be faced in reclaimed bricks to give it a bit of character but the pizza oven will be a white rendered dome. The whole kitchen will be covered in a 6 x 5 metre roof structure.

    Well that's the plan...


    PS will add some pictures once I can bring them down in size
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    Have laid out the blocks (several times) into my final preferred layout. So planning on a worktop to the left, corner build pizza oven, worktop to the right and BBQ extreme right. Also in the pictures is the firebricks and insulation delivered to the house. I ordered from the same place I did 7 years ago. OMG prices have soared!!

    Also in the pictures are samples of glass pieces that I am going to embed in the concrete worktops and then polish up.

    I have managed to source some old local recycled red bricks which I will use to face all of the blockwork and complete archways over all of the storage areas.

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