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  • getting started in ms

    hello to all! i think i have found the right place! i have been wanting to build some type of grill/oven from masonry for some time but havent been able to settle on a design. my main uses would be grilling/baking/smoking. in that order. i feel sure after i have an oven that pizza would be high on the list. after looking at some of the recipes on this sight it appears that all can be done with a brick oven. any advice from you guys on which design to make would be much appreciated. i would like to have a moderate heat up time so i could use it through the week but i would also like to have enough thermal mass to cook thinks such as venison hams,beef briskets,and pork roast. i would also like to have the entrance large enough to allow me to grill steaks and chops. i have read where a short grill is used inside the oven with the coals underneath and it appears to work well. once again i am in the design stages and all advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. i promise to continue to read and learn more. i am not looking to be spoon fed. although i have never laid a brick before. i will try not to ask to many rookie questions. thanks so much and i look forward to being part of this wonderful sight!

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    Re: getting started in ms

    Ricky, Just like you , 4 1/2 years ago I didn't know what a wood fired oven was. I am sure the master builders as well as the other oven builders will help you here. Everyone had the same reason for building one GREAT PIZZA First then to grilling, you can cook anything in a wood fired oven. As I really can't help you with the oven building itself from scratch, I can help you in other area's. At my location in Nothing AZ I plan to add a wood fired BBQ uint which I will Build from scratch along with a Wood Fired oven. It may be one of James ovens as I installed one of his in my Mobile Wood Fired PizzaTrailer. Or it may be an oven from Pete or another oven Importer.But the one thing that I found out is that findind all the materials, well most of the time is a chore in itself. I am working on a one stop shopping kit. It will even have the fire bricks pre cut at the basic angles needed along with refractary products, even castable refractary for decks and arches, feel free th email me any time, well I'm off to writing my post for help from the oven builders, to gather material lists so I can offer standard or custom kits for the new oven builders.