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  • New member/Old oven

    I've just resurrected an old early 19th (possibly late 18th) century hearth and bake oven in the basement of my second home. It's brick and about 32" oval, with a 16" ceiling. The door is roughly 12" high and 14" wide.
    I haven't started baking in the oven yet; though I've been baking breads in a conventional oven for perhaps twelve years. I worked my way up from an electric bread machine to my current mostly sourdough recipes, which I've adapted from my favorite cookbooks.
    My goal is to be able to make 18-24 breads at a firing from my oven. I've been asked by a neighbor to make breads next summer for our local farmer's market and I'd love to get up to speed this winter.
    My husband is currently working on fabricating a door and we are both researching tools and methods. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
    Kudos to FB for providing the Jim Wills pdf, which I found inspiring.

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    Re: New member/Old oven

    How neat! I'd love to see pictures, when you have a chance. Did you have to do any repair work to make it workable again, or was it just there, waiting to be fired up?

    Re: farmer's markets. Sounds like fun, and New York's requirements for licensing a commercial kitchen out of your home vary by county (most states simply say a big NO). This post on Cakecentral.com has a lot of good information for starting out your investigation into whether this is going to be possible business for you. They're focused on cakes, obviously, but breads fall in the same category and the information should be on point.


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      Re: New member/Old oven

      The chimney of the oven and hearth had been comandeered by a previous owner to flue the heating system. We had a professional mason do the rebuild of the chimney. Pictures will follow when I fire up for the first bake

      You are correct that I need to check the regulations for signing up for the farmer's market. I was hoping that my participation in the market would exempt me from being considered "professional". If I have to qualify for a professional kitchen it might not happen. My oven is in the cellar, which we believe was the original part of house; which then grew up and over it, in stages. Next door is the laundry, the oil burner and the water heater, all on a dirt floor. I'll check your link, thanks.


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        Re: New member/Old oven

        When you contact the health dept. and the farmers market, leave the house part out and just ask for the regulations, You will have to have a professional kitchen that you say you work ouy of.