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I was gone but now I'm back

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  • I was gone but now I'm back

    Life got busy there for a while and my forum surfing time dwindled to nothing. So, all posts marked as read (even though I didn't even look at them) and I'm back in action! At least, I'm back on the forum... who knows when I'll do something so bold as pour concrete in my yard.

    Anyway, now that we're done planning to host 200 people for a huge party, maybe I can at least think about it. The party was great fun--many relatives came from all over the country to (gasp!) watch us get married.

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    Re: I was gone but now I'm back

    Well Ed, I don't know who you are yet since I am very new here, but welcome back and congatulations from a newbie!

    Travis n'Texas


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      Re: I was gone but now I'm back

      Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great time.

      Just remember before you pour the concrete though, building an oven takes a great deal of time, energy and commitment. An oven is for life, not just for the good times...

      So, any chance of some wedding pics, while we're waiting for you to start your foundation?
      "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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        Re: I was gone but now I'm back

        Originally posted by Frances View Post
        So, any chance of some wedding pics, while we're waiting for you to start your foundation?
        I keep meaning to put one up, but I only ever read this forum at work (sshhhhh, don't tell!) and we haven't got photos online yet.

        By the way, I forgot to mention we saw a couple of WFOs in California when we were on our honeymoon. One was in Point Reyes Station (Marin County, north of SF) at the aptly named Cafe Reyes. I had a nice pizza there, and the oven is out where you can watch the pizzaiolo at work. It was fun.

        The other was at a bakery (the name of which I've forgotten) just off the road as you go through the little town of Duncans Mills, in the Russian River valley. The oven wasn't going when we were there, but we had a couple of mighty tasty pastries.

        Incidentally, the drive up the Russian River valley is a very nice one! I especially recommend a stop at Armstrong Woods state park, just north of Gureneville. The redwoods there are easily comparable to Muir Woods, which is also worth a visit. One was 308 feet tall, over 14 feet in diameter at the base, and estimated at 1400 years old.

        We did a bunch of other stuff including a sea kayaking tour in Tomales Bay and surfing lessons at Bolinas. We had a great time--you could spend many vacations in that area, and that's without even setting foot in SF!