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  • bombfire pizzeria

    hello, im new to the forum, but did use a lot of info from this site to build my oven. i built an oven five foot round, works very well. the pizzeria has been open for about two months now. we are blesed with really great customers. i would like some ideas for things to make in oven other than pizza and bread. by the way im located at 516 pearl st sabula iowa, that is the most eastern point of iowa and happens to be an island. phone is 5632498688

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    Re: bombfire pizzeria

    I was reading through the threads on oven designs and quite a few poeple have posted their acutal cooked dishes! Very inspiring and mouth-watering. Some examples were roasted meats, 'beer can' chicken, vegetables and desserts. With a few adaptions, most items can be cooked in the oven and there is plenty of info on this site. Check under the recipes section, do a search on Google and look for books on Amazon. Make sure your oven-ware is safe to the higher tempertaures.
    Good Luck!


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      Re: bombfire pizzeria

      Hey Tom,

      Post some photos! Everyone here loves photos!

      I live in Ames, and my wife's family is from the Quad Cities, so maybe we'll make it over for a visit sometime.