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Not new here but not 'old' either (yet)

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  • Not new here but not 'old' either (yet)

    Quick intro from myself as well I guess, I live in the San Diego area and am a disabled Vet, so due to health issues a stay at home dad to three Parrots and 'trophy husband' to my beautiful wife who works her tush off to keep us afloat.
    I have been a member here for some time and due to laptop crashes and life getting in the way, absent for a time too but am hopeful that I'll be able to stick around and learn a lot from all of you.
    Needless to say I would love to have one of these wonderful contraptions in my back yard (otherwise I wouldn't be here, duh, lol) and am trying to figure out just what I want and where to put it.
    Am I correct in the presumption that something like this couldn't easily be made portable? The reason I ask is that we live in a rental house and thought to cover all the bases just in case.
    I have yet to ask for permission of the landlord but really don't see a big problem there, but we'll see.
    For right now I am just giving myself a headache reading, reading and then reading some more about all of your projects and loving every minute of it ... the reading/learning part, not the headache part, lol.
    I was born and raised in Germany and spent more than thirty five years there including my military time and just love the bread there.
    Any and everything that I can buy here in the store I can crush into the size of a baseball ... nasty mushy stuff ... just "Eeeeew!" So it would be fantastic to be able to make my own.
    So that's me in a nutshell I guess, thanks for having me and thanks for being there.

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    Re: Not new here but not 'old' either (yet)


    Welcome to the group!

    There are several versions of 'portable' wood fired ovens. Of course the challenge with 'portable' and masonry products are the problems of weight... and keeping the full thing together... It can be done. There are several examples on this forum, and else where in the Internet, so craft your searches, and learn from those who have traveled the path before you...

    Enjoy the reading, make a plan, and get to work (scrounging materials, putting an oven together) and before you know it, the fun of construction will be behind you, and you'll be gaining weight with all the pizza coming from the oven!



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      Re: Not new here but not 'old' either (yet)

      There's a big difference between a "movable" oven and a mobile one. If your only concern is moving the oven when your lease is up, you could build your oven on a metal stand, and move it with rollers and levers to the driveway where a flatbed tilt truck could winch it up for a one-time move. A catering oven that rolls out every day or every week is an entirely different challenge. Your main concern in the former case is to have a clear path from the back of the house to the driveway.
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        Re: Not new here but not 'old' either (yet)

        Hi Graehstone and welcome aboard.
        The only problem you have building your oven is to find a place where a stray jet can't find them in your locality.
        Building one on a stand that can be moved/dismantled and transported should not prove a problem. If you have access for a forklift/tractor rather than one built on a mobile trolley due to weight considerations, is a case of merely building one on a special/suitable size/reinforced palette. This would sit on a suitable steel or dry stacked masonry base which can be dismantled and re used elsewhere. A 40" Pompeii will weigh close to a half ton so a very substantial trolley and strong people to move it. A small prefabricated unit might be the go but with a price disadvantage.
        There is a lot more satisfaction building you own though!

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