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    I'm dave, my partner christine and I are mad keen cooks and have always wanted a wood fired pizza and bread oven, well a wood fired oven to cook many things. We have talked about the prospect of starting a project like this but have no idea where to start. I am very handy with my hands and have always had success at all I atempt, my father being a carpenter cabinet maker and general handy man I learnt from him, but I must admit this project seems daunting I think mainly due to the fact the bricking is not a straight line but a curve.
    Should I spend time doing research or just jump in head first, maybe the research will scare me off..
    Anyways my plan for the new year is to build a wood fired oven so I will be looking for much advice.
    Cheers to all

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    Re: intro


    You came to the right place! There a a bunch of fellow Australians here, with lots of great advice. I would start by downloading the plans from this site. Then start looking for your materials- some are harder to find then others. Once you know where to start and where to find your materials- jump in! Any question you have can be answered here by folks who have already been through the process. Take lots of pictures and post your questions. Some of us have managed to build ovens with no masonry or construction experience at all- you should have no problem!
    Check out my oven progress here:

    See ALL of my pictures here: