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I dream of WFO

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  • I dream of WFO

    Someday I would love this, in the meantime I will use the idea to propel other important project.

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    Re: I dream of WFO

    Dreaming of Genie?
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      Re: I dream of WFO



      We are neighbors. I am located in Springfield, Pa.


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        Re: I dream of WFO

        Ah cool, so I saw you went with a Primavera. Do you know the laws in PA regarding building a WFO? (I see you own a Masonry Supply Company)


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          Re: I dream of WFO

          Unless you're right in the urban core of York, it should be pretty simple. Most free-standing WFO's do not need a building permit, as they are considered backyard barbeques. The oven should be at least five feet from the lot line, and have a chimney two feet above anything within 10 feet. There is also a clearance to combustibles issue, if it is, say, close to a shed. Good luck with your project.
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            Re: I dream of WFO


            We find local codes can vary by township. But in our area people normally do not require a permit unless the WFO is part of a large outdoor kitchen type of build.

            Yes, I have a primavera and am very happy with it. Check out our videos YouTube - WOOD FIRED OVEN PIZZA PART ONE FORNO BRAVO GALANTINO PRIMAVERA 60.

            If you need any help or want to see a Primavera we have one at the Supply Yard. We cook pizza once in a while for our customers.