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  • getting started

    Well, I'm over the retirement thing and am starting an oven in the backyard. I'm a building contractor in Southern Calif. and things are a little slow right now.
    My question regards the amount of insulation needed over the firebrick of the dome. The instructions say in one area that the firebrick alone would be enough while the other areas of the instructions call for insulating blanket with perlite concrete over. Wondering what most people are doing for thickness of the walls and type of insulation? I'm planning on pizza and bread.

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    Re: getting started

    Hi Cookerman. Welcome!

    My dome is covered with 3-4 layers of 1" refractory blanket then the vermiculite concrete over that. I even have some blanket over and around the entry arch area. You can't have too much insulation.

    I'm not sure where the instructions say fire brick is enough. If there is a spot where your oven could lose heat, insulate if possible. Exceptions are of course the front of the entry and landing.
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      Re: getting started

      In short, the more insulation the better! Make sure you insulate under the hearth as well as over the dome. Are you planning to build an igloo style or more of a house-type structure? I have a stone house structure and in addition to 2-3" on blanket, I filled the whole house area with loose vermiculite. It retains heat for a very long time.

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        Re: getting started

        Ken and Drew, you guys are great. Good advice.
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          Re: getting started

          enjoy your build, i know i am.
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            Re: getting started

            You have found the right place for all the advice you'll need. Where are you in SoCal? There are 3 or 4 of us in the San Diego area.



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              Re: getting started

              Thanks for the help on the insulation. I am building an igloo style. Just started the blockwork for the base yesterday.

              I am located in Cardiff by the Sea


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                Re: getting started

                I didn't use the blanket material. I used a tin foil layer then 5 inches of vermiculite concrete (12:1 mix). I have 4 inches of 8:1 mix under the hearth firebrick.

                It holds the heat well. We had pizza yesterday for super and, as I write (11:00 AM) the oven temperature is still 250 degrees. My wife is letting it cool to 200 degrees before putting in a slow cook sirloin roast for tonight's supper.


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                  Re: getting started

                  I used the FB blanket then added about 4" of vermiculite over that. It has worked very well for keeping the heat in. BTW I am in Oceanside, I just finished a job in Cardiff yesterday. It was on Summit Place. Looking forward to your pics