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Where does the vent go?

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  • Where does the vent go?

    Well, finally got to the fun part. Laid the floor and first course today. I built a full arch for the entry and am confused where I should place the chimney. The depth of the fire chamber is 16". I'm doing a 42 inch round oven and wondering where would be the optimum location for the chimney in relation to the inside radius of the oven.

    By the way , today I found some 4" red clay hex pipe for the smokestack. Gonna give this baby dual exhaust Thanks for the help

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    Re: Where does the vent go?

    The flue goes in your entry, not in the dome. Have you looked at the plans?

    That four inch clay tile is probably drain tile, not refractory material. It may crack at high heat.
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      Re: Where does the vent go?

      And further to dmun's comment, it will not be sufficient (nor 2 of them) to vent a 42" oven.
      You need a minimum of 8" diameter flue to prevent smoke coming out of your front arch!!!

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        Re: Where does the vent go?

        the vent goes out of the main pitt. if there are external side vents that wouldn't be good since the heat would not be concentrated and that would be a cause of unbalanced cooking.
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