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Hi From Houston!

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  • Hi From Houston!

    Just starting to look at possibities for building an oven. Great site!

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    Re: Hi From Houston!

    Greetings from San Antonio!

    Be warned, while this is a great site, it is addictive and probably needs a disclaimer from the Surgeon General's office. Something like, "This site has been known to cause scrounging and hoarding of rocklike materials, prolonged physical labor involving cement, rocks, and shovels, prolonged discussion of estoteric details far beyond the perception of ordinary humans, and addiction to WFO pizzas, bread, and other foodstuffs."

    Having lived in Houston for 30 years before SA, let me comment up front - if you build an oven I would STRONGLY encourage you to enclose it and put a roof over it to ensure it is well protected from the rains you get (and that would include the horizontal surface that projects beyond the oven - no exposed horizontal surfaces where water can seep under your oven floor! From a voice of experience where we don't get nearly as much rain as you do!)

    Welcome aboard!


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      Re: Hi From Houston!

      In Houston as well, benn using my oven for about 2 years. You wouldn't happen to be Troy's buddy are you? Send me a note.


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        Re: Hi From Houston!

        Thanks for the replies. Just starting to look at options for a build maybe next year! After last weekends rains I hear you about covering the thing!

        Richie -- don't know too many Troys....