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Starting to figure it out

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  • Starting to figure it out

    Finished my oven 2 months ago and have been practicing about once a week. I am the fire builder and cook my wife is the bread and pizza maker. We have read quite alot on the site and are trying new things. We bought the Bosch mixer (recomended on this site) with a grinder attachment for grinding grains for bread. So far my wife likes to do the kneeding by hand. I wish I had found this site earlier as I think my chimmey is just a tiny bit too small. As for other items we cooked so far, steaks done on a totilla warmer, and stuffed mushroom both which turned out great. We have worked up to six people over for pizza and are planning on ten next week. Thanks for all the post on the site they have been a real help.

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    Re: Starting to figure it out

    10 people for pizza! That sounds awesome David.

    Grinding grains for bread (or flour) is very impressive. Wish I had the time and skill, not to mention the mention the Bosch mixer. You and your wife sound like quite the pizza oven team. I have a whole list of non-pizza oven foods I want to cook in a wood fired pizza oven but will wait until I bake a passable pizza Margarita first. Let us know how the Pizza for 10 party worked out.
    Cheers, Dino
    "Life is a banquet and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death." -Auntie Mame

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      Re: Starting to figure it out

      Hey David,

      Welcome to the group.

      Sounds like you are having fun learning to use the oven.. that is a good thing.

      If you have a camera, send along some pictures of your oven.. and some of the food you are cooking. Always inspirational to see other guys ideas as finished products...