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Transporting a wood-fired oven?

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  • Transporting a wood-fired oven?

    This is probably a really dumb question, but we have a brick oven that was built
    before we moved in. We never use it and was wondering if it was possible to offer it to someone who wants it. Can they be craned out of a yard and transported? We are willing to give it away if anyone can take it out of our yard. We don't want to demolish it, so I'm hoping for alternatives.

    Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Transporting a wood-fired oven?

    I would have thought that if you were planning on moving an oven for whatever reason, you would need to build it upon a base similar to a brick or transport palette that can be picked up by a tractor mounted forklift.
    If this is not the case, then maybe you could knock out the odd brick/block from under your hearth slab and put through some substantial beams and pick it up with a sling and crane.

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      Re: Transporting a wood-fired oven?

      Some photos might be helpful: If we knew what kind of oven, what kind of base and enclosure you had, and how much access to the site was available, we might be able to offer some suggestions.
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        Re: Transporting a wood-fired oven?

        If it is built anything like mine, it would be easier to knock down the main house than demolish the oven.... Mine is a bunker!

        I agree with Dave, post some pictures please.

        Also, you should download and read the free wood fired e-book from the store here...maybe you should try it before you chuck it...

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