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CajunKnight not doing well

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  • CajunKnight not doing well

    I heard from CajunKniight's wife this morning, and I am greatly saddened to say that he is not doing well. His cancer has spread and he may only have a few days left. I have exchanged messages with Yvonne, his wife, and they have been working together on his oven and other projects, but now she writes,

    "He has battled this cancer for as long as he can and he's tired. please let your respective communities know that I will not be checking his account until that day that I send the final email. If anyone wants me to read something to him then reply to yvonnentravis@yahoo.com and I will read your message to him.

    Thanks for your time and support.


    Our thoughts and wishes are with them both.
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    Re: CajunKnight not doing well

    So sad. These situations are the only things that leave me at a loss for words. Not much can be said that is truly comforting.

    God bless CK, Yvonne, friends and family.



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      Re: CajunKnight not doing well

      This is so sad. I looked over Travis pics of him and all his friends working on his oven. Travis posts and words of encouragment to me and others will be missed. My thoughts are with him and his wife.
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        Re: CajunKnight not doing well

        It is sad. You go back in time when he started this project - before this crap got into his body - he was life, and his oven seemed to be a mission. Even after it was diagnosed, he remained more positive then I could ever be. Don't mean to rant, but I hate cancer - in ANY friggen form.

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          Re: CajunKnight not doing well

          As tough as it is to come up with something to say, we're a great little family here and while most of us will never meet in person, we all share a passion and spirit which connect us.
          I pray that his remaining days are peaceful and without pain.


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            Re: CajunKnight not doing well

            That is so sad. Even though we've never met, I feel I'm loosing a friend.
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              Re: CajunKnight not doing well

              One of the finest things about this forum is the vibrant collective spirit, determined collective drive, that it contains and engenders. Travis is a perfect embodiment of both those forces, as much as anyone here. I'm sure it's safe to say that our spirit is with him at this time among all others. We are with you CK.

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                Re: CajunKnight not doing well

                News like this always makes me feel so fortunate to have caught my cancer early. I only wish everyone could be so lucky! My best to CK and Yvonne!


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                  Re: CajunKnight not doing well

                  I'm so sorry to hear this latest news - CK & Yvonne, please know I'm thinking of you.



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                    Re: CajunKnight not doing well

                    Good luck Cobber, from " Down under "


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                      Re: CajunKnight not doing well

                      I don't tend to frequent the Forum all year round, but I am right now as we have a big(ish) party coming together on Saturday, and my interest in all things wfo is heightened.

                      Suffice to say that I picked up this thread and send my best wishes from the uk to CK.

                      P de D.


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                        Re: CajunKnight not doing well

                        Sad news CajunKnight has passed away. For more into go to

                        Road to Recovery . . . the journey of Travis and Yvonne

                        He will be missed.
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                          Re: CajunKnight not doing well

                          Thank you Chef,
                          we all accept that when someone with so much joy and enthusiasm like CK displayed to this forum and its members to suffer so dramatically with such a horrendous illness, that we all expect the worst but hope, pray and wish for the best.
                          Life is very cruel at times, irrespective of who it involves, especially when it affects the one(s) so close to us all.
                          Thank you also for the link to his dedication. The music and lyrics are very powerful and brings our mortality that much closer.
                          My thoughts (and those also of Neill - Nissanneill) and our wishes go to Yvonne, his family and friends.

                          If you don't succeed the first time, try again and again until you get it right!


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                            Re: CajunKnight not doing well

                            R.I.P, CK. Your enthusiasm and encouragement helped make this community the happy place that it is.
                            Un amico degli amici.


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                              Re: CajunKnight not doing well

                              r.i.p. very sad to hear that wretched disease took another good person my condolences Yvonne
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