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  • hello from Kansas

    After years of wanting a wood fired brick oven and never having the $$ or nerve to build, I have finally decided to bite the bullet and start. Of course, now I have a 17 year old son who is excited about the project, which makes it easier!
    So, I bake lots of bread and make lots of pizza for lots of people - and really, it's the only place around to get good pizza - at my house! - but I know that it would be so much better in the brick oven. (I really don't mean to brag, but if you knew what was out here, you'd understand!)
    I have been going to extra effort baking every day to sell at our very small new farmer's market, to raise money to buy supplies. So far we have the foundation laid. We have also bought the firebrick - from a salvage yard - and SOME cinderblock found on craigslist for almost nothing.
    Anyway, that's sort of my story - I'm a mom of many and I love to eat good food - that must be the motivation behind the baking and the building! I'm looking forward to getting tons of advice from all you experienced builders and bakers out there!


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    Re: hello from Kansas

    Welcome aboard! Did you download the free ebooks from the online store?

    My Oven Thread:


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      Re: hello from Kansas


      Welcome you will find great advice here - don't be afraid to ask any questions. Best of luck with your build!
      Check out our blog for a glimpse into our hobbies of home brewing, soda, beer and wine, gardening and most of all cooking in our WFO!



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        Re: hello from Kansas

        Thanks for the hearty welcome - I did download the oven plans - printed them out and spiral bound it!
        I haven't downloaded anything else yet.


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          Re: hello from Kansas

          You go girl!
          I was like you and wanted a wood-fired oven for 22 years before I got one. When you build it yourself you enjoy it even more! And you already make great pizzas so you are a step ahead!

          Read read read as you are going so you will really know what you are doing and why. I had no previous building experience, (and ordered a pre-cast oven), but was able to be very happy with my result. I did not skimp on the insulation or the chimney height (my oven was close to my house) And truly let the outside be a reflection of YOU, don't worry if it doesn't look like a "magazine". Good luck!


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            Re: hello from Kansas

            I didn't have any building experience before building my oven either... and manged to build a pompeii oven from scratch. Its not the most exactly built oven on the forum, but its good and solid and bakes beautifully!

            So good luck to you and enjoy your build.
            "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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              Re: hello from Kansas

              Well, Forno Bravo makes it almost seem like just an everyday project to build one, which helped motivate me! We also will be renovated our kitchen, which is not an everyday project, and which won't be happening for a long time - but when we do, I plan on having another one in my kitchen! So this is more or less a practice build! A way to keep a 17yr. old boy occupied when not at work! And for me to get what I want!

              I really would love to have it decorated with mosaic! There is just so much to look at on this website - I cannot wait to see it all!