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  • Howdy from Brazoria Texas

    Well after several years of dreaming and wishing for an outdoor kitchen, I have finally decided it was time to build it. With the way things are in the world, I wanted to make a place my wife and I could ?vacation? at in my backyard
    I have been designing the kitchen for several weeks now and it seems to change every day as I see new things or see other people?s projects. This forum has given me a tremendous amount of new ideas! I have already learned some good tips from here that have prevented me from having some flaws in my design.
    My plan is for a patio that will be 13? wide by 24? long with a WFO and counter at one end and the whole thing covered by a pergola. I have decided on the type of oven I want but will be asking for advice on the construction as I get more into the design of it. I am having problems figuring out how to cover the roof of the ?house? that will go over the oven. When I get some drawings or pictures I will post them for help on it.
    I plan on starting construction this fall when hopefully the temperature here in Texas will be a few degrees less than that of the surface of the sun!
    I?m glad I found this forum and I know will help me get my outdoor kitchen

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    Re: Howdy from Brazoria Texas

    Well, Hi there,
    The great thing about dreams, is if you are committed to them, events and people will be put into motion to help you achieve them.(One of those great unwritten laws of the Universe) Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of ideas, opinions etc to help you flesh out your idea and make it a reality. I too was once on of those folks who thought, talked and finally committed. Its been a lot of fun mixed with some frustration, and if it had not been for this forum I don't think it would have happened. So don't be afraid to ask questions, there are folks all over the world who are willing to share their experiences. Have Fun!


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      Re: Howdy from Brazoria Texas

      Hi Ian,
      Welcome to the club (addiction) Its amazing how much fun you can have during the process. You and your friends will love it. Try not to be too anxious, take your time, I never did any masonry before this and mine turned out great. Maybe first you should build a pergola or awning to work under and keep the sun off you. I had a plastic tarp over mine during the whole build as it was raining almost every weekend, but i was able to keep going,,, good luck and welcome

      P.S. take lots of pics, everyone on the forum loves to see them..
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        Re: Howdy from Brazoria Texas

        Welcome aboard!! The outdoor kitchen is a big project but ours has been so worth it. We ended up with a patio a bit larger than 1000 sq ft with a bit more than 800 of it being pavers and the rest the kitchen itself.

        I've seen several kitchens with a pergola and think they not only give shade, but also give more of a room like feel. Don't forget to plan your wiring first - you'll want some lights on the pergola - maybe even one that points right into the oven opening.

        Good luck and we do love pics.

        My oven progress -


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          Re: Howdy from Brazoria Texas

          Thanks everyone!
          I will be running water, electricity and a gas line to the patio. I have included those into my drawings but I appreciate the reminders
          I have attached a couple pictures of what my patio and oven will look like when I have completed it. I will have lights on the oven that are not shown in the drawing. Also, above the cooking area and sitting area will be 2 outdoor fans with light kits on them. On the end of the counter by the sink end, there will be switches for the fans and lights as well as on outlet for the margarita machine or the bellini?s! I plan on doing some sort of rock over the concrete blocks on the bottom of the oven and counter and stucco on the concrete blocks surrounding the oven. I have been told that if I use the ?real? stucco material rather than the ?synthetic? stucco here in Texas, I will have no problems with it.
          I hope to have pictures of the construction process this fall when I hopefully will begin the project.