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Oven type and size

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  • Oven type and size

    Hello, my name is Eric and I am a new user of the forum. My interest in wood fired ovens come from a small Christian summer camp that my wife and I run. Our ministry is called "Good Leaven Ministries" from the verse in Matthew that compares the effect of a little good working its way all around as yeast works its way through a ball of dough. We have wanted to build a bread oven at the camp both for its usefulness and to fall in line with our name. We want the oven to cook bread, pizza, as well as roast meat. The camp is off the grid so we have to make all of our own power and we cook a lot with wood (something we have a lot of). We think it would be neat if the campers could make their own bread, pizza, calzones, etc. and bake it in the oven. If we could cook pizza at lunch in the oven and then roast chicken for dinner in the same oven that would be very helpful to us. We have at most 40 campers and staff to feed at one time. That all said I am not sure if:
    1) a 42 inch oven would be big enough.
    2) a bigger oven would be too much work to build.
    3) a round oven would be the best choice.
    I would like you thoughts.
    Thanks and God Bless